Training and Education
    Native Hawaiian Scholarship  ĽAha
      The Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) is helping Native Hawaiian students pay for college through
      two scholarship programs.  For information about OHA's scholarship program, resources and
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Full Program I:         Minority Pacific Islander Cancer Research, Student & Faculty

Development (Education and Training)


Project Leaders:        John Peterson, Ph.D. (UOG), Carl-Wilhelm Vogel, M.D., Ph.D. (UHCC) and Carol Boushey, Ph.D. (UHCC)


Specific Aims:

1.   Train Pacific Islander students in cancer research at the master’s level at UoG;

2.   Train Pacific Islander students in cancer research at the Ph.D. level at UHCC;

3.   Stimulate cancer research efforts at UoG; and

4.   Create a new public and community cancer health disparities track in the Micronesian Studies Program (MSP) at UOG.

   Selection of 2012 Cancer Research Center Scholars
   Pictured seated from left are Namazi, Caasi, UOG Senior Vice President and Cancer grant co-principal
   investigator Helen Whippy; Cruz; Cruz’s son _____; and Montano. Pictured from left standing are UOG
   faculty member John Moss, Silbanuz, Halbert, Todd Ames, Micronesian Studies advisor; Howard and Gil
   Suguitan, program manager, Cancer Research Center. Not pictured: Angelica Okada, who is studying the
   social, emotional and financial effects of cancer on the members of the Pacific Association of Radiation

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