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Americans of Pacific Islander ancestry are a highly underserved minority with a significant burden of cancer health disparities. Americans of Pacific Islander ancestry are also highly underrepresented among cancer researchers and cancer health care professional Since 2003, the University of Guam (UOG) and the University of Hawaii Cancer Center (UHCC) have been working in collaboration to advance health equity in Pacific Islanders through cancer research, education and outreach. The National Cancer Institute has invested nearly $27M ($15M UOG, $12M UHCC) in support of this partnership, funding that will continue through August 2020. The specific aims of the overall partnership during the current cycle (2015-2020) include:

1. To continue developing the cancer research capability and competitiveness of faculty at UOG by increasing the number of UOG faculty who serve as PIs on investigator-initiated grant awards in the area of cancer research, and by increasing the number of peer-reviewed publications relevant to cancer by UOG faculty, including the number of joint UHCC/UOG publications.

2. To further develop the focus of UHCC research on cancer health disparities, with particular emphasis on Pacific Islanders and related topics of regional relevance, including cervical cancer and betel nut chewing.

3. To continue raising the awareness of cancer and cancer prevention in the multiethnic communities served by UOG and UHCC, and with particular emphasis on Pacific Islanders, through targeted outreach activities.”

4. To increase the number of cancer and biomedical science researchers of Pacific Island ancestry in the U.S. by continuing our successful MS, MA, PhD training programs for Pacific Islander students in cancer-related fields as part of a career pathway in cancer research from high school to postdoctoral education.
We invite you to explore our website, consider participating in our research projects, and learn about our research, education and outreach projects and how they are impacting communities in Guam, Hawaii and neighboring jurisdictions in the U.S. Pacific region.
Funding to support the University of Guam & University of Hawaii Cancer Center Partnership is made available through the National Cancer Institute's Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities, grant numbers: 1U54CA143728 and 1U54CA143727.

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2016-2017 scholarship oportunity for new and continuing doctoral students at the University of Hawaii.
Application due March 21, 2016(Hawaii Time)
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